Pink Revolution!

As we wave goodbye to the month of October, we also wave goodbye to one dominant colour: pink. For those of you who aren’t aware, October is the global breast cancer awareness month, which is represented by the colour pink.

This month saw a lot of things dressed in pink: the Burj al Arab and the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, hundreds of adverts (some relevant to the cause … some, not so.) and, of course, us girls :D.

To some degree, we were becoming a little sick of the colour. Local businesses were taking full advantage of this opportunity to advertise, and, while it made sense for hospitals to offer discounted checkups, it was ridiculous for home furnishing companies to support ‘pink’, simply by putting two pink cushions on an otherwise white sofa. I mean, really!

To some extent, though, it was a big success, with the usual sale of Avon accessories (it was bracelets last year … key chains this time round), the Burjuman walkathon, etc. But one really exceptional event caught my eye: the world record for the largest human  pink ribbon formed by around 4,000 warrior women (in pink, what else!) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. For a nation that generally hides its women, this was no mere feat. No men were allowed to witness the event (and they call us the weaker gender, believe that?) which broke the previous Guinness world record of 3,640 women set by Germany in 2007.

This was not the just the formation of a pink ribbon; it was the formation of a new, more powerful image for the women of this country and for women suffering from the disease worldwide.

Go girls!  🙂 

More info here:Go pink!


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