Gracious Neighbours

I must admit that one drawback of living in a busy, metropolitan city like Abu Dhabi is not knowing the people around you. We in AD are sometimes so busy minding our own business we don’t pay much attention to our fellow denizens. There are dozens of examples of this; one fell right in front of me (literally!) yesterday morning.

After yet another late night of ‘studying’ (in truth, I was reading an old mag ;)), I didn’t wake up early enough to catch the bust to school at the stop in front of my house. After much grumbling, swearing at the driver, stomping my feet and frowning, I finally decided to walk to the next  bus stop two traffic lights away.  What a hurried world, I thought grumpily, No one waits for each other, as long as they get to work/school on time, right? Who cares about that poor girl who had to cross two streets to catch her bus?

That was until a Bougainvillea flower fell in my path. Which was  really strange. There are no Bougainvillea trees, indeed, no trees at all along the street I was walking down. Was it possible that some flowers had been carried by the wind from the trees across the road? But there was hardly any wind. And the trees across the road were palm trees. Where the heck were these pretty flowers coming from?

Just in case you didn't know what Bougainvillea look like

The answer, as it often is, was above my head. These little pink blessings were coming from the balcony of a flat on the fourth floor. Living on the fifteenth floor myself (that’s right, up in the clouds!) with a distance of eleven floors between us, I had no clue who lived in that apartment. But I offered the unknown but gracious neighbours my silent, heartfelt thanks.  

These flower-loving residents had stuffed their small balcony with flowers of every colour, many of which regularly fell four floors down to the ground. I was astonished at my obliviousness. How many other anonymous people were silently cheering their neighbours up? Not many. But the few who do deserve to be thanked, at the very least, noticed.

So, the next time you’re in a nasty mood, give those silent but very thoughtful neighbours of yours some thought.




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5 responses to “Gracious Neighbours

  1. Well, i’ll have to get some flowers for my balcony as a thank you to the neighbors that are ahead of us. 🙂

  2. aasima

    i come across similar strange moments like these like when m in uni and i see some exotic bird or a fat squirrel or some strange flower,, and theres even an urge in me to start writing the moments down somewhere..but m lazy.i mean.really lazy. 😀 :p

  3. aasima

    i think one really good thing about pakistan is that people take care of their neighbours over here..we get yummy dishes now n then from ppl who live upstairs.i think its really good.

    • Yeah … neighbours in Pakistan are really nice … they deserve more credit than we give them 🙂
      And yeah, even I’m lazy and I don’t feel like writing sometimes … but how else to keep the creative juices flowing, huh? If I stopped writing I’d become old, fat and lazy :P.
      So give it a shot … even just a few lines can be expressive 🙂

      • aasima

        hehe..true! m a freelance writer man! these juices of mine r constantly flowing even if i dont want them to 😀

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