Progress or Unwelcome change?

Living in an ever-changing, growing-at-breakneck-speed city like Abu Dhabi (aren’t I always waxing lyrical about my beloved hometown? ;)), change is something we desensitized residents see everyday – and often it’s something we don’t pay a lot of attention to … or most of us don’t, really.

It takes a lot to catch our drifted attention, and even more to impress us. With every other upcoming event claiming to be ‘exclusive’ or ‘world-class’, we have really become somewhat bored with the variety of red-carpet happenings around. Even I must admit that I’m suffering from a mild case of ‘That-does-not-impress-me-itis’, often rolling my eyes if someone describes to me some wonderful event they’ve attended (excuse me if ever I’ve given you this treatment. Just mention the above disorder; I shall smile and all will be forgiven :)).

It’s not just events that we don’t notice – it’s the ever-popping-up construction too. Every week seems to see some new skyscraper grazing the sky. Most of the time we just say, “Oh, no … another one? Where will all those people park their cars?!” (because parking is another persistent problem in the city!) And let’s not forget the malls shall we? Thousands of stores to choose from (don’t forget the ‘exclusive’ part), yet most of us go to the mall, because, well, we’ve got no better entertainment.

I am grateful, however, that there are many things about Abu Dhabi that have stubbornly refused to change. You’ll see many of these un-modern forms of relief dotted around the city; you’ll see buildings more than 10 years old (rest assured … they’re rare but do still exist. I live in one! :)), signs that haven’t been replaced for months (proudly announcing promotions that expired in November 2010), and major landmarks that have, thankfully, not been knocked down – just look at Baynunah Tower and Zayed Sports City. And, of course, you’ll always meet nostalgic old-timers like me and my family who will gladly give you a flashback tour of the city’s rapid growth :).

Until next time 😀

PS. Just some quick announcements: apologies to Aasima Sheikh, I did not mean to confuse you with my formspring update. It’s just that all my accounts are linked (Facebook, WordPress, Windows Live, Formspring, etc.) and so automatically update each other. For the record, I answered a question posted by a friend and also added a link that says ‘ask me anything’. Ignore these updates in future 🙂

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve joined the Post A Week Challenge 2011, and post every week I shall (really!). So you will be seeing much more on A Million Reflections than before. Wish me luck! 😀



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3 responses to “Progress or Unwelcome change?

  1. Aaah! Abu Dhabi! The city I seem to have left my heart in! I didn’t live there as long as you probably have, but the city has transformed me in more ways than one! I call it the city of my re-birth as a Muslim, alhamdolillah! And of course, I spent the transformative years of my life there, and needless to say that, alhamdolillah, it was a great time!

    Loved reading this post, Raweeha! The very mention of Abu Dhabi is enough to bring a smile to my face! 🙂

    P.S. Don’t forget the Cultural Foundation as a landmark! 😀

  2. Thank you 🙂
    Ah yes, the Cultural Foundation. Well, the place has been brought down to renovate Al Hosn Palace as some ‘centre of history and culture’. The library’s been moved to Mussafah. It’s just so sad to see it go 😦

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