Bleeding but not dead – 1

This will probably be my last post before I drown in the sea of exams. This pains my heart, but it means that I can no longer keep up Post A Week 2011 (wasn’t working anyway). That aside, I shall make this the longest, most heart-drenching post in a looong time. You were warned 😉 I divided it into two parts just to make it an easier read for you 🙂

I swear someone’s shot a gene gun at my brain. Either that or a certain cousin of mine has somehow poisoned my food (don’t give me that look, you know exactly who you are! 😉 ), because I not only understand cricket, I LIKE it now. (add ‘dun,dun,dun,dun’ effects). This isn’t normal, I assure you!

Which means that it goes without saying that there was a full-fledged battle between my Indian friends and I before the ICC Cricket World Cup semi-final on the 30th (India vs Pak, for those of you who live on the moon). Think green and orange paint (lots of it!), decorated faces/arms/legs and team shirts. Add that to the already catastrophic mess and you’ve got our school!

To say that this match meant a lot to Pakistanis (and Indians … but you guys have had the last laugh so who really cares. Okay I was only joking!), and to me personally would be a gross understatement. This wasn’t cricket. It was WAR. With that idea on your mind, let me just fast-forward past all the anticipation, excitement and nerves to the last 15 overs of the match – the reckoning.

My live stream got stuck (who the heck likes Star Cricket anyway), so I was forced to do a last-minute scramble for another channel. All of them refused to work – after all, a sixth of humanity was watching that match, streams would be way over capacity. Except one. And coincidences of coincidences, it happened to be good old Geo Live. It was like being in Karachi again – the smell of rain, the sound of rickshaws, the cheesy adverts, the truly cricket-mad people, the ‘jazba’ … it made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Ah, such good memories. Even if the match was backfiring against Pakistan, this was certainly worth watching.


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