I swear I’m not sixteen yet.

I felt like this the day my IGCSE ended. Maybe it was the terrible cold I had, maybe the lack of sleep. Maybe both. In any case, hardly exciting.


I very nearly cancelled my trip to the mall. The headache. The sleepiness. Akch, the sneezes. I went to bed the night before hoping I could make it the next day. (I can hear my friends gasping at this point — their plans would have been demolished!)

I wasn’t exactly ‘suspicious’ when I arrived at the mall. Just slightly ‘weird-ed out’ by the number of  ‘”Happy birthday”s I was receiving. I mean, okay, my birthday’s in the summer and most people will miss it as they’re away. But in late July, for crap’s sake. A little closer to the day would be more appropriate, perhaps?

And then I was taken, nay, escorted (by bodyguard friends) to The Pizza Company (wasn’t it Chilli’s as per the original plan?),where I was seated right in the corner under close supervision. And in a spot where I couldn’t see the rest of the restaurant. Very smart, now that I think about it 😉

But the real bomb was when they wouldn’t let me leave. Why not? the bill was sorted, the movie sorted, everyone had arrived … I just  wanted to get a drink and come back. And there was Khushi acting like my mum (I only sat up because I was stiff, I wasn’t abandoning you, for crap’s sake), Kaltham acting all hurt (“We don’t like our friends to leave like this”) and everyone else sitting obediently (all part of the evil plan, yes?).

What the hell was going on?

And then this arrived.

Birthday Cake?

“To make up for all the birthdays that you’ve organised” , they said.

Aww. So it did pay off after all. You might need Google Translate for the next part.

To Kaltham: Dankie dat jy!

To Baraa: Cảm ơn bạn một triệu lần!

To Sana and Khushi: Teşekkürler!

To everyone who sat witness: Väga nutikas. Sa lihtsalt tunnistajaks kogu asi?

To Rashmi: Χρόνια νωρίς γενέθλια1 (Chrónia no̱rís genéthlia!)

And to all of you who weren’t there: Kami benar-benar benar-benar rindu padamu!

Much love 🙂 And, oh, a final word:


Enjoy yourselves! Until next time 😀


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