Reminiscences of Summertime

Ah. That time of the year again.

When the heat threatens to melt you. When your AC threatens to commit suicide (or does so without your prior permission!).

When school ends and you don’t quite know what to do because you don’t have to study any more.

When you spend all day surfing the Internet (like I said, nothing better to do).

When you sleep at 1 a.m. then wake up at 9 a.m. (relatively early for summer).

When you have to say goodbye to certain people who have been close to you for years but you always took for granted. (It’s time for them to leave and start a new life now. Uni, new school, new job. Whatever. You might never see them again).

When you wish you could get the heck out of this @#%@~^! heat. Escape. To Karachi. Please.

When every little thing is poisoned with droplets of nostalgia. Text messages. Mangoes. The sound of the tinkling ice cream man (or the lack of it, rather).

When you miss your cousins. Friends. Even (dare I say it?) school and teachers. And the worst part: Results. And I have to wait the whole summer for them.

So I’ll take this opportunity to remember those few precious but memorable tidbits that exclusively trigger pulses of summertime nostalgia in my heart.

Karachi, this is for you.

Cousins, this is for you. 

I’m afraid I’m not going to be seeing you guys for very long this year (I’m only coming to Karachi for I guess two weeks on Eid). Lots of love, prayers and “I miss all of you loads” from me. Stay in touch (I mean check email and texts) and enjoy your summer. Oh, and I shall be treating you guys when I do come 🙂

Friends, this is for you.

Many of you are leaving this year. To continue with AS Level somewhere else, to start university, to study in your home country, and so on. I’ve made as many cards and presents as I could – if you didn’t get one I could always give you a hug in replacement ;). In any case I am sorry. Best of luck wherever you happen to be studying, stay in touch and lots of love form all of us in Abu Dhabi. Remember we’ll always be better then any other friends you make! 😀

And that’s pretty much all I can give you. Oh, and from now on WordPress will be seeing a lot more of me. I’ll keep you posted through the summer. Until my next post – ciao!

P.S. My Twitter Blackbird Pie isn’t working. Anybody know why? Is it the new theme? Some help to fix this please, it’s quite annoying!





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2 responses to “Reminiscences of Summertime

  1. aleeya siddiqui

    aoa! aww your message is so so sweet! lol.. if in abu dhabi its hot, then trust me, its not much better here. but hey! you guys have AC and we have the natural sea breeze! cool right?! so how will you kill time this summer? i’m neck deep in books with a millions kids running around me! ( The Abdul’s are here!) we should have this exchange system of swapping lives, you take my chaotic one for a couple of days and i’ll take your nice peaceful one =D !! anyways sending you heaps of love-lots and miss-you-loads!
    Alee ❤ :-*

    • I am so sorry I approved this late! (Was lying at the bottom of my inbox :P)
      Umm, my WordPress tells me you come from Islamabad? :S
      Anyway, thanks, and stay in touch okay 🙂 oh and, haha, switching lives would be an interesting change!

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