Cleaning up and chemical marvels

Cleaning up

Okay, so it’s been a while (I seem to say that every time now!). I’ve been cleaning up and getting rid of my piles and piles piles of IGCSE past papers, many of them untouched. And many of them which I won’t ever need again, like Physics, Business Studies and Environmental Management which I’m not doing at AS Level. So what the hell was I supposed to do with them now? Recycle them, of course. You weren’t going to throw them away, were you?, said my ever eco-friendly soul ;). Oh, and only the used ones. The untouched ones formed another pile. (What will be done with those will be decided later!)

And so the cleaning began. The pile was initiated … and got bigger …

And that's not all ... !

… It got thicker still … until it filled a mega-sized Ikea bag.

That's all of them ... I think ...

And that’s just the used ones! (despite that, I still think there’s more hiding somewhere). But at least that was a major cleaning task out of the way! In other news …

Chemical marvels 

Okay, so strictly it was ‘a marvel’ and not ‘marvels‘, but still. It was so cool! What happened was that I left a spoon with a plastic handle behind a pot which was being heated. Since the plastic and the hot metal pot were touching, the resultant was a severely melted handle, with a blob of plastic left on the stove(which, sadly, I couldn’t photograph). The resulting spoon handle looked like this …

A work of chemical art!

While I was very awestruck at my accidental masterpiece and the chemistry which caused its creation, my mum was just upset that I’d damaged her spoon. What can I say, I guess some people are just disbelievers in the wonders of everyday science. My youngest brother on the other hand … now he though it was epically cool. There’s my little budding scientist. 😉

It is these little everyday things that add colour our lives, right? Where would we be without them?


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