Cricket In Exams

This is officially the first HandWritten post that I have not been too lazy to post — although sadly not written by myself. Fear not; I am an anti-Internet plagiarism activist and therefore shall cite my source. This hilarious piece was spotted in a magazine – you know that little corner where kids send in their writing? Well, here’s a real gem by 8th Grader  Rehma Siddique from Doha, Qatar. I do want to add that some of these don’t really apply to the way exams are conducted globally, however they are still worthy of mention. Keep up the funny anecdotes, hon, and one day you’ll be a famous blogger like me! (if only! … 😉 ) Oh, and my own commentary runs inside the brackets.

Players: Students

Umpire: Invigilator (I think the examiners would be more appropriate)

Third Umpire: Principal (I think this is where the invigilators come in)

Stadium: Examination Hall (Yes!)

Spectators: Parents awaiting results (I would say when it comes to UK Board exams, students worldwide are spectators!)

1. Batting: Writing in the exam

2. Runs scored: Marks awarded (You cannot score more than full marks, while there is no limit to the number of runs you can score)

3. Bowled: Going blank on seeing the question paper. (Oops.)

4. Stumped: Caught cheating by the teacher (By the invigilator, you mean.)

5. Run out: Unable to finish the exam on time (Clever anology!)

6. LBW: Look Before Writing (This on is my favourite! 😀 )

7. Retired hurt: Fainting on seeing the question paper (Thank goodness this didn’t happen to me.)

8. Hit wicket: Writing the question instead of the answer (You idiot. You’d be better off leaving it blank!)

9. Bouncer: The most unexpected question (This exam session was full of bouncers!)

10. Extras: Grace marks (I wish those existed at IGCSE! So a wide-range mark scheme would be a better fit …)

11. Hat trick: Three zeroes in a row (You haven’t revised, have you, honey? 😉 )

12. Maiden: Unable to answer six consecutive question (Oopsa-bumsha. There goes an Ungraded …)




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