Oh, these times are hard.

You’ve probably noticed that most WordPressers take a summer sabbatical and don’t post anything during the hottest few weeks of  the year. Well, I took a break for the summer, too … okay, I confess, more like a summer-plus-autumn-plus-halfway-through-winter sabbatical 😀

 Why, you ask? Okay, here goes:

  • I spent my August (in other words Ramadan) hopping around the world; I spent one month in three different countries and ten different cities! (no kidding!)
  • After which, for a couple of weeks, I was too sleep-intoxicated to do anything. Oh, and also that the day I landed in the UAE I went straight to school? AS Level that is? So yeah. Literally got no break.
  • Aaand … AS Level. (Those of you who have been there/done that will know!)

Need I say anymore?

Anyway. AS Level is slowly but surely taking its toll; I now stay up till 9 pm and  back up at 3.30 am! I am surviving on coffee (ran out last night and mum refuses to buy more, oh sh*t.) I complain about Mechanics (more about that later!) and am nervous out of my wits for my first practical (Chemistry on Monday 22.11! :O).

But A Million Reflections is not dead yet. Oh no. My baby is a year old and may it live a life of cyber-fame and a loyal readership. And this isn’t the end. There’s more posts to come — mostly just HandWritten ones, so you guys will get to read my real writing, not this keyboard-composed stuff. Oh and muffins too, naturally. I promise. Pinky swear 😉

Until then, ciao. And fingers crossed for my AS level exams. I’ll do okay, right? I have to believe in that.

Oh and  if you didn’t recognize the title, it’s a line from The Script’s For The First Time.



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2 responses to “Oh, these times are hard.

  1. Tsan-Shine Emerald

    Know exactly how you feel.
    Like what you wrote; “been there, done that” =)

    Heeey, but look at the bright side..
    AS Level is actually not so tough (as long as students take below 5 subjects, excluding Islamic & Arabic).

    The main reason why I did get exhausted was because I took 5 subjects (and ALL required staybacks till 6pm, practically staying back ALL 5 days in a week) + Islamic & Arabic…

    So yeah, Insha Allah, everything is going to be fine, believe, pray and tawakkal to Allah..
    and here is something I would like to share:

    Never give up until you have nothing else to give.
    Nothing is really over unless you stop trying.
    The key is to believe; believe in yourself, your abilities, that you can do everything as long as you put your mind to it.
    Work hard; and you will reach there.
    Patience, Commitment, Discipline
    Keys towards Success =)

    Miss you =’)
    Just by reading all of your musings,
    Wish we can meet soon,

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