Midnight Scribbles (Corridor Lights)

I wrote this on the 29th of September (it’s been a while, I know!) and I believe it would fit quite nicely into the Imaginative/Narrative/Descrpitive component of AS Level English … speaking of which, my first term’s exam is on wednesday and I’m undergoing something of a panic attack. Don’t get me wrong, when it comes to English I certainly know my As from my Bs (I got an A* at IGCSE!), but, you know, that last-minute booster to your self-esteem always helps! 😉 Anyway, here’s the HandWritten post I’ve been promising for so long, and when you finish reading you are obliged to comment — if you don’t … well, I have my ways of knowing! Happy reading (and reflecting, naturellement 😉 )

FYI, for you clueless ones, I’m taking you on a tour of my beloved notebook (your imagination shall be required).

It’s not the first time that the corridor lights have remained switched on, the clocks ticking (or beeping) way past my usual ‘bedtime’ of pre-10 pm. A familiar pencil-case is pulled blindly out of a familiar bag, and the familiar, muffled sound of pens being spilt on the rug is heard. A notebook is opened, its pages lined with a mosaic of words. The first page has my name, of course. But with the pages that follow, it is a matter of chronological guesswork. The first few pages are geography notes, decorated neatly in a rainbow of pink, blue and purple ink, complemented by a sprinkling of quick -but still neat- sketches in subtle, grey pencil. But, moving onwards, the notebook has a few surprises up its sleeve.

And then you realise that surprises don’t always stun you in eye-popping shades of colour. And also that, on the opposing extreme of the spectrum, the most boring, mundane things attempt to catch your attention by throwing themselves at you in screaming hues of neon fuchsia — ugliness pretending to be beautiful.

In this notebook, you will meet my writing — honest, quirky, introverted, always reflective and reminiscent and occasionally funny. It’s always in pencil.

You will also bump into ostentatious pages painted in pink, purple, orange and blue. Upon closer inspection you will realise that these are rows after endless rows of quadratic equations — and half of them have the wrong solutions.

That’s an analogy for life, i guess. Look past the gaudiness and into the subtlety. Past the beautiful and into the ordinary-looking. Look past the million-dollar cars and designer handbags and into the eyes of those quiet but serene, soft-spoken but resiliently happy. They don’t throw their beauty in your face, sure. But they’re beautiful all the same.

Read between the lines — not just in this notebook but in this life. You’ll be surprised by what you discover.

Beauty blooms in unexpected places.




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6 responses to “Midnight Scribbles (Corridor Lights)

  1. aleeya

    aoa Rav !
    u wrote well 😀 kinda reminds me of my own scrap of cherished papers. its funny how my perception has changed too. i hardly see beauty in perfection anymore. it seems to lie in the cracks that make us who we are, human, imperfect and utterly beautiful. 🙂
    luv ya!

  2. Tsan-Shine Emerald

    Loved this post,Raweeha =)
    Beautiful and real at the same time.

    I am glad I managed to drop by to your blog, and everytime I do, it’s always refreshing.
    Refreshing? Why refreshing?
    Because all of your philosophical musings remind me of my own neglected passion for writing.
    Keep this up, Raweeha (even through AS Level) for now I have realised that even for me, my true joy lies in writing and reading =)

  3. I love your posts, girl. I’ve been reading WordPress blogs for years, but this is probably one of the best ones I’ve come across. I heard about it from a friend… I’m glad I found this! The literature used is fascinating, and it’s true, beauty can be found in the most unexpected places… 🙂

    I’ve read some other posts, and you have some true talent! Keep it up ;D

    • I’m extremely touched, thank you very much!
      Do you blog? I’ll be more than happy to give you a read 🙂
      And I most certainly will continue Pressing 😉

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