Procrastinating the Procrastination

I’ve finally decided to get off my sore bum and to not only update, but to revamp, my WordPress (check the new backdrop, yo! Your constuctive criticism is welcome) . I’ve been letting it slide for weeks upon weeks upon weeks, until the piling workload simply continues piling. The longer you procrastinate, the taller your mountain of tasks gets.

Let’s start on a Tuesday. Think of the beginning  as a single book on a table, a thin one that can be easily overlooked. Choose not to read this book today — there will be time to do so tomorrow, right? So, ignore it for the time being and be sure to go to bed that night with the book unread.

Wake up tomorrow morning, a Wednesday, to find another book on top of the one you left last night. This one’s a little thicker, but hey, you’ll be able to handle two thin books in one day, surely? That ‘one day’ will be tomorrow. And so to bed.

Thursday is a wonderfully enjoyable day and reading books is the last thing on your mind. You are too happy to bother checking your table, and Friday morning brings the delightful news of four books (they’re getting thicker now) sitting patiently on your table, waiting to be read. Feeling just a tiny bit concerned, you scrutinize the pile and notice that very miss-able book from Tuesday, sandwiched at the very bottom of the growing pile.

That looks easy, you think, and, without further thought [or reflection, should I say? 😉 ] you begin to extract the book from the foothills of this deceptive mountain — only to have an avalanche of books tumble over your table … and you don’t know which comes from when!

And that, dear readers, is what happens when you leave for tomorrow what you can do today, make hay after the sun has set or, worst come to very worst, begin to study for your exam with a bare nine days to spare.

It is temptingly convenient to turn a blind eye towards that growing pile, yes. But is it more convenient than lying back and relaxing, knowing that all has been done well ahead of time? Only trial and error will tell.

Until then, I’ll be sitting here procrastinating by thinking about how much I’ve procrastinated. 😀





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2 responses to “Procrastinating the Procrastination

  1. Aasima

    i love your sassy style! 😉

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