Karachi, the Dulhan and other such Desi-ness (1)

Post by post I’ll be blogging about my trip to Karachi — I decided to make it a series because just one post would have been waaay too long, plus with compromises on detail. And, for a writer like me, the more I can write the better!

Part One: The Countdown

Trips to Karachi come once, or if I’m extremely lucky, twice a year, lasting for only a finite number of days. They are full of ice-cream, load shedding, breezy evenings, rickshaws, cousins, shopping, all-nighters, texting and most importantly, unlimited fun. Each trip is unique and memorable in its own right. Summer trips are long and lethargic, winter ones are short breathers, and ‘wedding’ ones are so rare that I never, ever take them for granted.

Precisely like this one.

The best thing about this trip (okay, one of the best) was that it began long before I even left Abu Dhabi. For me, dad’s unexpected ‘yes’ was where it all started. My cousin (who also happened to be one of my closest friends) was getting married, and I was actually going to Karachi! With 714 hours to my mock exams, 1002  hours to my flight and 1056 hours to the wedding, the countdown began.

From that point on, it was just shopping, shopping and more shopping! Along the way I made a few enlightening discoveries: that my younger sister was a surprisingly mature person who was actually fun to hang out with, that my dad was all awesomeness on the inside despite acting all stiff and sullen, that a scenario can happen even if you obsessively plan and organise everything (Murphy’s Law!) and, finally, that going dress-hunting independently and paying for an expensive(ish) one out of your own hard-earned allowance was probably the most fulfilling feeling in the world.

I remember the past two months as knots of tangled memory. The month of February was long, emotional emails (When are you coming to Karachi?), the painful art of patience and half-hearted attempts at ‘studying’.  The month of March, in sharp contrast, was hurried, excited emails (I’m coming in 192 hours!), the exhilarating thrill of rushing and desperately sincere attempts at cramming three weeks of studying into nine days.

And so after nine exams and innumerable shopping trips, my younger sister and I boarded our flight to Karachi. In our armory (aka a suitcase) was presents, AS Level textbooks, chocolate and a whole lot of borrowed makeup and clothes. We sat in our seats, sent last-minute goodbye texts and fastened our belts, bubbling with  excitement.

And so the adventure began.



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9 responses to “Karachi, the Dulhan and other such Desi-ness (1)

  1. Umama Baig

    great man! u lucky girl! :))

    keep it up Raweeha..

  2. Aleeya aka dulhan

    yay! im in the title 😀 feel so honored ;D ;D

  3. Aleeya aka dulhan

    and hurry up! this is gonna turn out to be a novel by the rate your going. can we pleease fast forward to the dulhan bit? :p

  4. Tahira Afzal

    Hey Raweeha,
    I am your long lost ‘aunt’ from America. It just so happened that I went to my email on my laptop (so rare!) [since I check all my mailboxes out of my iphone…..Technology!)] and found your blog entry sneak peak on my Live homepage and decided to read the whole blog coz of the title… since this ‘Dulhan’ happens to be related to me too 😉 I was thinking I would find some details about this wedding, since I didn’t hear much… what can you expect since I am sitting in this far corner of the world and no, it is not easy for me to just ‘fly in’ for a nikah party.. what a luxury, man !
    Anyway, the first episode of this series is actually quite interesting and Dulhan’s comments are hilarious, I had to laugh out loud and then I was at a loss for words when I was asked why I laughed by my almost 5 year old… Hard to explain this bit. Back to the subject, I would love to read the next part and more comments. So that’s why I am going to subscribe to this blog for now. By the way, dont make this into an intense suspense novel. Make it a little funny.
    Keep it coming, girl !

    • Wow. I have subscibers from all over the world 😀 (proud moment)
      I’ll try to post the more important/dulhan-related/funny part this weekend, inshallah … provided I don’t succumb to AS Levels first 😛
      Anyway, thank you! 🙂 🙂

  5. Tsan-Shine Emerald

    Very smart & interesting choices of words: 😉

    1. “the painful art of patience and half-hearted attempts at ‘studying’”
    2. ” In our armory (aka a suitcase)” – prepared exactly like going for battle 😀

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! ❤

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