Return of the over-studying blogger.

I’m back.
Alive, yes. AS Level is FINALLY done and over with and A Million Reflections can be saved from extinction. I’m tempted to fire away with a juicy blog post, but will refrain from doing so, primarily for two reasons:
1. I love to hand-write my longer blog posts, that way I’m usually in a more creative state of mind and the post turns out to be more emotionally charged. (I sound like an old professor, but I’m something of a traditionalist when it comes to writing. Pardon me 😛 )
2. My space bar is broken and it’s a pain in the You Know What to type.

I’ll see you peeps very shortly, next up are an expose on the horrors of AS Level and the next of the Dulhan Series — I promise, this time!
Have a nice day and eat lots of peaches 😀
(Yes, I’m feeling a little weird)


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One response to “Return of the over-studying blogger.

  1. Tsan-Shine Emerald

    No need the “horrors of AS Level”!!! =P =P

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