Graduation: Her perspective

The speech that never happened.
(Originally by my twin rtraja. I did tamper with it a tiny bit to ‘blogify’ it, but it remains,  for the most part, unaltered.) I’ll post my own perspective shortly. My readers will know how much I love series 😉

The Opening Address

The one aspect that truly shines like a beacon in the dark which I will carry with me wherever I go is the warmth, kindness and care that I have experienced throughout my years at Manarat — in short, the friendship that I have come to know.

As the friendship of a classmate has been focused on, I would like to draw attention to my teachers.
They have always been there for me, with a keen interest and a discerning eye to ensure not only my success, but that I would rise should I fall, and push forward with greater fervor and tenacity. These are but a few of the qualities which have forged the body that I can sincerely call friendship.

I will be ever grateful to all my teachers, especially those that I am privileged enough to call my friends.

Last but not least, we hail our mothers for their selfless role as our unfailing friends.

Finally, I wish to leave you with a thought:

Educate a man, you educate a man, but educate a woman and you educate a nation … nay, a generation.

This is what my teachers, and our mothers, are doing, and it is for this that I say thank you!


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