Thepublicblogger Awards – a Celebration of Community

Must read. I LOVE how this has been written. It feels extremely realistic and a phenomenal amount of effort’s been put in.

The Neighborhood

Coming New Year’s Eve 2013
The Neighborhood’s Season-Ending Show: 2013 Thepublicblogger Awards 

Inaugural Awards Show {original air date May 2013}



Ladies & Gentlemen, Readers & Writers, special guests, old friends, nominees and the entire blogger community. Welcome to inaugural ThepublicAwards–  a Celebration of Community.

You are now inside the world of my imagination. Imagine it is a beautiful summer’s eve, and we are gathered along  a spectacular shore. The moonlight beams off the ocean’s water, granting light upon a majestic pavilion, where the evening’s entertainment is where you will enjoy. The air is crisp and you can smell the ocean breeze. Although you have never been here before, you know this is a place full of love and peace.

Tonight, is a celebration of community. We celebrate what brings us together, but even inside my mind, we never forget what can tear us apart.

Kendall awards (1)My name is…

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