Pakistani Summers

And so summer 2013 commences.

Hum Hain Pakistan

Pakistani summers? Haha, I’m sure the title makes you wonder, “What’s so special about Pakistani summers? Summers are the same everywhere! Hot.” But wait. Summers in Pakistan are different and special. Yes, special.

Contrary to popular belief, summer here is not just about scorching heat and countless hours of unplanned load shedding. There’s much more to it. It’s just about looking at the bigger picture. The bigger, brighter picture. For me, summer is like a festival. A festival of flavours. A festival of colours. A festival that many await.

It all begins when colourful billboards of lawn exhibitions make an appearance and women trade their high heels for comfortable joggers. You see them rushing in and out of shopping malls, loads of shopping bags clasped in their hands, beaming with pride.
If you ask a shopaholic like me, she would say that it gives her inner peace. And you bet…

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