Ramadan Kareem!


With 17 days of Ramadan past us, I am well aware of the fact that my greeting is rather, ahem, early, but, nevertheless!

May the month shower its blessings, forgiveness, and mercy upon all of us, and may we all become, in whatever tiny way, better humans.

Try to make a change this month. Sure, a small one. But for the better. Maybe read Quran in the morning. Treat your friends and family better. Donate to a local masjid. Follow a Sunnah. Abstain from evil. And if you’re not Muslim, you’re still welcome to iftaar and to making new friends and learning a bit about other faiths and cultures. No one is excluded this month. You’re all guests of Allah.

Let’s not just starve ourselves this month. Let’s make a little investment too. Because you never know if you’ll be around to see next Ramadan. A petrifying thought.

If you’re short on inspiration, why not drop by here? There’s  also plenty of other ideas on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere, so pitch in the khair!

And may peace be with you all, assalamu alaykum!



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