I, Raweeha.

Ahlan, awesome person! 🎉

It’s lovely to virtually meet you.

I’m Raweeha, a twenty-something who is now an adult but still figuring out how adulting is done. I love to read, bake, write and post pictures on Instagram, when I’m not running after my younger sisters 😀

I ovethink things a lot and tend to take myself and others very seriously (ahem).

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, and I also write at The Hidden Prestige with an incredible group of friends that deserve far more credit than I do.

I’m genuinely glad that you stopped by and I hope you enjoy reading! ✨


9 responses to “I, Raweeha.

  1. aasima

    raweeha is lovely and thinks too much.

  2. Great post! Indian and Pakistan are true in spirit and soul, its on the cricket field field when it all comes round.

  3. Tsan-Shine Emerald

    “Self-confessed daddy’s girl” – I feel you!! * High-five* 😛

    Truly loved this one! =’)

  4. Thank you for the kind words you left at my blog. and I appreciate your reblog of Thepublicblogger Awards. It was a pleasure for me to put on the event for the WordPress community. It has been a welcoming experience since my January arrival. You epitomize the wonderful people that are here. By the way, you have a beautiful, professional blog. and I would have never imagined you were just 17 years old. Good for you. Your parents must be very proud.

    • That is by far the most touching comment anyone’s ever left on my blog — thank you so much!
      WordPress certainly is one of the warmest, most welcoming online communities I’ve ever been part of, and you and your blog epitomize this too!
      My father’s actually been my biggest encouragement and inspiration, from preschool to today. I’m so glad his efforts are paying off.
      I will definitely be paying much more attention to your lovely blog now, and thank you again for making my day! 🙂

  5. VelaneDeBeaute

    Hey there,
    I nominated you for the *Shine-On Blog Award* 😀 Feel free to collect it from here! 😉

  6. Hey Lovely Daddy’s Girl 😉 You sounds interesting and Nice MashAllah ! Be that way always and stay happy 🙂 xx

  7. It was lovely to know about you!

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