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What is acceleration?

The rate of change of velocity. The amount by which velocity changes in a given period of time.

Suddenly ending up in your final year of high school and having no idea how you got there so fast.

Having to deal with university applications, reference letters, gap years, entrance exams, and four subjects at A2, all at once.

Sitting in class for an entire hour and a half and having the entire lesson just fly off the top of your head.

Seeing friends scatter towards their respective destinies and wondering how on earth they grew up so fast when they were immature little kiddies just a few weeks ago.

Saying goodbye to the city you never wanted to say hello to, then realizing just how painful saying the former has become over a very short time.

Thinking about leaving and farewells in general: packing suitcases and teary airport scenes.

Realizing that you’ll miss the stupidest little things that you never really appreciated until they whizzed away from you.

Standing in the midst of your life’s story not as its protagonist, but as some helpless object frozen in time.

But, most profoundly, acceleration is your perception of the passage of time, and how you choose to respond to it. The truth is, we all feel a little rushed and not in control at times. What makes the difference is how you deal with it.

I for one, am going to keep smiling, and even more so when the world wants me to frown.

I am going to avoid procrastination, and exploit every moment.

I am going to be grateful, and pray, and find my happiness by helping others find theirs.

Or, at the very least, I am going to try.




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The Treasure

Rtraja does it again! The girl is on a rooolll B)
Untouched, this time. You can read the original here

“A Treasure.

It was that one day I stepped in your class,
that one day I never realized you,
A question had I asked the teacher…about the mole ratio and mass,
And that’s when you came out of nowhere, totally out of the blue…
This world doesn’t lack faces,
they make you laugh, cry, anxious and peaceful,
they come from all of the world’s places,
but what are you, and what had made you so humble?
You’re the one who gripped my heart,
you’re the one to guide me through,
I don’t know how to thank you, from where am I supposed to start?
You’ve been there for me, whenever I needed you…
Ya Allah, thank You for sending her here,
thank You for making her a part of me!
Ya Rabbi, people like her are truly rare,
and the outcome of patience, now do I really see….
Indeed, I have found the long lost treasure,
I have found someone to pull me up and raise my self-esteem,
I appreciate you so much, a friend like you is a huge pleasure,
You are the real face, no mask, no background, no theme….
Thank you for all you’ve done for someone that had never deserved,
Your awesomeness is truly, one that shines in the night,
You’re the luminescence when darkness covers the world,
May Allah Make the bond between us ever so tight…
knowitall10-Monday, 27th May 2013-
Raweeha this is for you…  :)”


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Moving on.

Hello, world!

To answer an obvious question, yes, I’m alive. Not only alive, but rolling B-)

It’s been many, many months since A Million Reflections saw my pretty face and I’ve gone from active to not active to pretty much non-existent.

Yet here I am. Where was I, what brings me back?

Good question.

It’s a little difficult to put the whirlwind events from July 2012 through April 2013 into a few words, but I’ll try to do emotions and experiences justice and give it my best shot. Here goes.

To start us off, let history do the talking:

moving on.

And if you’re tut-tutting under your breath after reading the date, I’m truly sorry. This blog post should have been published ages ago. But I’ve been avoiding it for a reason.

Life’s flung me far in these few months. In the literal sense, I’ve been ‘flung’ from Abu Dhabi to Karachi to Riyadh, but metaphorically? I’ve moved emotional mountains, swam nostalgic oceans, trekked through the treacherously dark forests of the unknown.

It’s been painful. Scary. Bitter. Enduring nearly 3 months in Karachi was the worst part — a sad case of a non-citizen life-long UAE resident awaiting paperwork for a country she didn’t want to move to. And, Saudi Arabia being Saudi Arabia, the process that was supposedly two weeks long took more than a month. A month too many in Karachi.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the place. [and you should know if you’ve read any of my previous posts! ;)] But home is home. And I could only live as an alien to Pakistani culture for so long.

But with hardship comes ease. And oftentimes they come together.

In this case, what didn’t kill me certainly did make me stronger. Those weeks in Karachi taught me more than I’ve learnt in years. Patience. Perseverance. Gratefulness. Humility. Respect for people from all walks of life. Coming out of my comfort zone. Being organized with the paperwork — believe me, I learnt that the hard way! I could go on, but the crux of what I learnt began to change me. Bit by bit. Like pieces of a puzzle slowly coming together.

After we (finally!) came to Riyadh, realizations began to dawn upon me, one by one. First and foremost, Riyadh is a pretty cool place, seriously! I feel ashamed now to judge this city against stereotypes that were merely ignorant opinions. Sure, in the Abu Dhabi vs Riyadh battle the former wins hands down (ahem!) but living here is nowhere near as bad as I expected it to be. Karachi took care of that 😉

On a more serious note, I realized just how much I needed the change. Not wanting it. Needing it. You see, being born and raised in the same old, same old made me resistant to change. And I’d no idea just how healthy it would be for me. My initial reaction was to whinge and complain about everything. I missed my bedroom of nearly ten years. I missed my friends,  feeling the hurt a tiny bit more each time I’d say goodbye to any of them. I missed knowing my way around so well I could trawl Abu Dhabi in my sleep. I missed the multiculturalism. I missed my school. I missed, missed, missed my way through my pain, realizing too late, that, by being stuck in my past, I wasn’t even giving my future half a chance. How much longer could I be stuck in a time which no longer existed?

It was time to move on.

And I’m so glad I did. Here in Riyadh, I have a new bedroom (painted purple, woop! :D). I have new friends — amazing ones too, at that. And each new hello heals the pain of an old goodbye a tiny bit. I have a new city blueprint to learn, new streets to trawl. I have a new school, and though my options may be limited, my teachers are enviably good. And wouldn’t it be a such a shame missing out on all this, had I been home in Abu Dhabi?  My missing was replaced with embracing. I learnt to adapt, and to welcome change with open arms. I learnt to loosen up, and to allow myself to be carried by the swelling of the tide.

But, mostly, I learnt to be optimistic. Every tunnel has a light at its end, every mountain has its peak. I’m not saying that your tunnel is short — it may be winding and long. But it has an end, and it is beautifully bright. I’m not saying your mountain will be an easy climb — it may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. But it has a peak and the view is gorgeous. 

In essence, what I’m saying is this:


My message goes out to all of you crawling you tunnels, climbing your mountains. Hang in there. Keep going. Take it from me — not only will you make it, you’ll make it as a better, stronger person. I certainly did.

As for avoiding my beloved blog, I present before you two excuses:

  • I’ve been insanely busy with AS Level! I sometimes don’t have the time to breathe! Even now I’m blogging at the expense of my statistics homework  😛
  • In many ways I felt that A Million Reflections was not really relevant anymore. That it’s now a part of my past, part of someone I no longer am.

Maybe this is is goodbye from me at A Million Reflections. Maybe I’ll start a new blog. Begin afresh. I don’t know. One thing is for sure, though. I’ll leave the question hanging until my AS end in June!

Keep on moving. May your journey be as rewarding as mine. ♥


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Reminiscences of Summertime

Ah. That time of the year again.

When the heat threatens to melt you. When your AC threatens to commit suicide (or does so without your prior permission!).

When school ends and you don’t quite know what to do because you don’t have to study any more.

When you spend all day surfing the Internet (like I said, nothing better to do).

When you sleep at 1 a.m. then wake up at 9 a.m. (relatively early for summer).

When you have to say goodbye to certain people who have been close to you for years but you always took for granted. (It’s time for them to leave and start a new life now. Uni, new school, new job. Whatever. You might never see them again).

When you wish you could get the heck out of this @#%@~^! heat. Escape. To Karachi. Please.

When every little thing is poisoned with droplets of nostalgia. Text messages. Mangoes. The sound of the tinkling ice cream man (or the lack of it, rather).

When you miss your cousins. Friends. Even (dare I say it?) school and teachers. And the worst part: Results. And I have to wait the whole summer for them.

So I’ll take this opportunity to remember those few precious but memorable tidbits that exclusively trigger pulses of summertime nostalgia in my heart.

Karachi, this is for you.

Cousins, this is for you. 

I’m afraid I’m not going to be seeing you guys for very long this year (I’m only coming to Karachi for I guess two weeks on Eid). Lots of love, prayers and “I miss all of you loads” from me. Stay in touch (I mean check email and texts) and enjoy your summer. Oh, and I shall be treating you guys when I do come 🙂

Friends, this is for you.

Many of you are leaving this year. To continue with AS Level somewhere else, to start university, to study in your home country, and so on. I’ve made as many cards and presents as I could – if you didn’t get one I could always give you a hug in replacement ;). In any case I am sorry. Best of luck wherever you happen to be studying, stay in touch and lots of love form all of us in Abu Dhabi. Remember we’ll always be better then any other friends you make! 😀

And that’s pretty much all I can give you. Oh, and from now on WordPress will be seeing a lot more of me. I’ll keep you posted through the summer. Until my next post – ciao!

P.S. My Twitter Blackbird Pie isn’t working. Anybody know why? Is it the new theme? Some help to fix this please, it’s quite annoying!




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